To mark our humble beginning, Steve Steinberg and Ross Ranieri gathered a dozen or so select healthcare industry veterans to participate in a day of golf and an evening of fine dining. The event had no name, no pomp, and no circumstance – but the idea was a sound one: camaraderie amongst a select group of healthcare industry veterans. Who could argue, right?  As with many good ideas, the concept flourished and the numbers multiplied. The events became a regular occurrence held each year at both the ASHE PDC and the HCD conferences. Those ‘in the know’ looked forward to the conferences not just for the educational session or the speakers or the parties (well ok maybe the parties), but as a way to bond yet again with the brethren that today is known simply as “The Commission.” 

In recent years, The Commission found it’s real calling with the help of a little dog named Cheech and his little owner, Peter Flach. We were awed by their generosity toward the many Children’s Hospitals they visited, and we wanted to participate. In 2016, with a small but meaningful donation to Rady Children’s Hospital, The Commission made it part of our mission to GIVE BACK at each event. And give back we have. With each subsequent event, we have carried on Cheech’s (RIP) calling by raising and donating more and more each year.

As The Commission nears its ten year anniversary, we can say - without equivocation - that many lucky souls have had the honor of participating in the events, and many benefactors have helped along the way.  To all of you, we simply say “Thank You!”

-Bill Foulkes, one of those select few Founding Members of The Commission | 2018




Stemming from an altruistic desire to directly impact the health and well-being of children near and far, The Commission has made philanthropy a deeply rooted piece of our mission. Our generous members and corporate sponsors strive to continue to strengthen the Children's hospitals within the communities in which we live and work. With that, The Commission has donated more than $10,000 to various charities from coast to coast since our inception.



With a special niche in healthcare design and construction, a key goal of The Commission is to create an environment where we can cultivate productive relationships with our industry peers. Using ASHE PDC and the Healthcare Design Conference as a backdrop for our gatherings, The Commission coordinates a variety of events to encourage member participation and industry outreach.

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Whether it's golf, dinner, or some other form of social outing, The Commission puts great emphasis on developing relationships that extend far beyond the office. Our members have found organic mentoring relationships within our group, creating opportunities for both personal and professional growth.


(in alphabetical order)

matt ebejer.jpg

Matt Ebejer

Director, LA Region

Capital Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Peter Flach.jpg

Peter Flach


AKF Group

Bill Foulkes DSCF4291_4x5_Color_printing.jpg

Bill Foulkes

National Vice President 

Cumming Corporation


Steve Howard

Managing Principal 

Cumming Corporation

Joe Leger.jpg

Joe Leger

Vice President


christian lindmark.jpg

Christian Lindmark

Vice President, CTO

Stanford Health Care

Sean Peters.jpg

Sean Peters


Healthcare Design Solutions

ross raneri 2.jpg

Ross Raneri

Founder, CEO

Ross Raneri Consulting Group

mike severns.jpg

Michael Severns

Senior Project Manager IT/PDC 

Stanford Health Care

Steve Steinberg.jpg

Steven Steinberg


Steven Steinberg Architecture